Brazilian keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment

Would you like your hair to be healthy, shiny frizz free and also 80% straighter?
Melado keratin hair treatment is a product elaborated with the best ingredients from the world of cosmetology. With abase of cocoa extract and an excellent CHOCOLATE fragrance, The melado keratin treatment is sure to impress the clients with the most difficult hair.

Melado keratin treatment 1000 ml

External use, keep out of the reach of children, in case of eye contact, wash with water.

Step one : wash hair with pre treatment cleansing shampoo and dry hair off completely, any dampness will dilute the product!

Step two: part hair into four sections, ear to ear then straight down the centre of the hair. Starting at the bottom of the back sections begin to apply product making sure all of the hair is covered but still keeping it 1cm off the scalp.

Step three: dry the product off completely into the hair only on medium heat, the better it is dried the easier it is to complete step four.

Step four: part the hair again into four sections and starting at the back of the head at the bottom begin to flat iron the hair until the whole head of hair is completely straight. Wait 48 72 hours before washing.