Keratin hair straightening

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Has there ever been a time where your hair simply won’t do what you want it to do? Ever felt like you can’t step outside in the heat without your hair looking like a lions mane? Then the chances are you are going to benefit from reading this! Melado’s Brazilian keratin treatment is an incredible treatment which in the space of only two hours leaves your hair soft, shiny, healthy, frizz free and up to 80% straighter!

Now this is a fantastic pitch but you are probably asking yourself “do I really want a chemical straightener?” , the melado keratin treatment is not made from alkaline chemicals like other straighteners (japanese straightener) which can potentially damage your hair, it is simply a treatment Which involves infusing keratin into your hair leaving it looking nothing less than incredible, Try the treatment Clients and Stylists are in awe over. Do not settle for inferior treatments!