Q. What is Melado?
A. Melado is an Australian owned Keratin company which manufactures their Keratin treatment in its home land Brazil. The advantage to this is outstanding research and quality control which means our product stays consistent. Melado also believes without the correct training for a keratin treatment you simply will not get the results you wished for, so we've taken the initiative to employ arguably the most talented keratin technician in the world so your salon can benefit. At Melado our aim is to supply and educate salons OUR WAY so that your results stand out from the rest.

Q. There are several keratin treatments on the market, why should I choose Melado?
A. Most Keratin treatments in Australia are delivering disappointment to hair salons since the scrapping of the use of Formaldehyde, so the team at Melado chose Brazilís leading cosmetic laboratory to handle the case. We also gave strict instructions "whilst developing the product, DO NOT FOLLOW THE USUAL MOLD" which means our product is totally unique.

Q. Are Melado’s products formaldehyde free?
A. Yes. The fact they are made according to Australian Standards means Melado follow's strict guidelines to insure the highest quality safe Keratin treatments.

Q. Should I use a certain shampoo or conditioner after having the Melado Keratin Treatment?
A. Yes, we highly recommend Melado's Sulphate and sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner to ensure the longevity of your treatment. The Melado keratin treatment seals the hair which means shampoos which contain salt will eat away at your treatment causing it to wash out sooner than wished.

Q.How long does a Melado keratin treatment take and what does it involve?
A. Your stylist should take between 1.5 and 2.5 hours to complete your treatment depending on density and length or your hair. Your stylist will wash your hair, dry your hair off 100%, apply the Melado Keratin treatment, immediately dry it into the hair 100% then finish the treatment by flat ironing your hair perfectly to seal the product.

Q. How often may I have the Melado keratin treatment?
A. you may have this treatment as often as you wish although most clients need it done between 3 and 4 months

Q. Can the Melado Keratin treatment be washed and tied back after it is done?
A. Yes. the melado keratin is instant wash which means you are free to wash it and tie it up when ever you like.

Any further questions wheather they be consumer related or stylist related please contact our technicain Danny at info@melado.com.au